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Hunterston: Smart Green Shipping

McInally Associates are delighted to have secured planning consent for the installation of a demonstration FastRig Wing Sail Test Facility at Peel Ports Hunterston Port and Resource Centre (Hunterston PARC), creating a wing sail manufacturing base in the West of Scotland.

McInally Associates were appointed by Smart Green Shipping, a systems design and engineering company to assist with the establishment of a FastRig wing sail test facility yard on an approx. 1-hectare site located on the north western corner of the existing Hunterston Construction Yard. Smart Green Shipping aims to lead global shipping’s green transition through unique industry collaboration with Malin, Drax and the shipping sector with targets to reduce greenhouse gas and fuel costs by at least 20% via high tech sails.

The hosting of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) within Scotland in November 2021 has shown that an unprecedented shift is required to enable Scotland and the UK as a whole to reach the Net Zero Strategy by 2050. McInally Associates have historically been involved in the planning process on the wider site at Hunterston and are pleased to be involved in a project which supports Scotland’s net zero ambitions (as outlined within National Planning Framework 4) and will support the decarbonisation of the global shipping sector – that emits more than one million tonnes of GHG emissions every day.

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